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Bhagavad Githa Study Groups

We welcome you all to join "Githamrutam" - Bhagavad Githa study groups initiated by HH Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji. The study groups meet in person on a weekly basis and discuss the meaning of Bhagavad Githa verses (not learning verses) for 1 hours - 1.5  hours. These are strictly in person meetings, not online sessions. We recommend a group size up to 10 members including the group lead.

These study groups are free and open to all. There is no age restriction. We suggest group members to be co-located within the same neighborhood/city for ease of commute. Each group will have a group lead, who will coordinate with the group members in deciding the date, time, and venue of the weekly meetings. The group lead can be a different person than the one who initiated the group.

Once the group is formed, the group lead owns all the communications related to the study group for that group including managing members of the group. All group leads will be a part of study group leads WhatsApp group along with a Vedic scholar . All team members including group lead pre-read content decided by the lead, and come prepared before the weekly meetings. 

Group leads should use common language for discussions so that all members feel included. They should give an opportunity to all the members to express their perspective during  the sessions without any bias. They would moderate discussions during these meetings and will ensure healthy debates backed by proper logic. Group leads also try to address the doubts and if they need help, they may post the queries in the study leads group. All group members can chant the sloka together before taking turns to present their perspective.


 Study materials provided by HH Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji

Chapter 1 word-to-word meaning in English
Chapter 1 commentary in Telugu

Materials for rest of chapters is work in progress and will be made available when ready.

Step 1(for everyone including Group leads): Register yourself as a member

Step 2(for Group leads only): Register your group


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