Saturday Apr 1st 2023 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM

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We welcome you all to the divine celebrations of Sri Sita Rama Kalyana Mahotsavam on Saturday Apr 1st 2023 from 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM at Orchard School, 921 Fox Ln San Jose 95131

There will be live musical performances. Event is free and open to all. Maha Prasadam (Satvik Aahar) will be served towards the end of the event. Bring your friends & family and seek the blessings of the divine couple - Sita Devi and Sri Rama

All devotees will receive a free postcard of the very auspicious Sri Rama PattabhiShekham

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Opportunity to obtain sanctified 4 inch Panchaloha deities (as shown) with vastrams, yajnopaveetam and mangalasutram for daily puja at your homes

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Agenda for Sri SITA RAMA Kalyanam

Bride: Sri Sita Devi, Groom: Sri Ramachandra

#1. Bhagavad Anugna, Vishwaksena Pooja and Punyaha Vaachanam

Informing the Lord about kalyanotsavam and seeking blessings, offering prayers to Lord Vishwaksena to perform kalyanotsavam without any obstacles and sanctifying the puja materials and kalyana mandapam

#2. Vara Pooja, Raksha Bandhanam, Pada Prakshalanam and Madhu Parkam

Respectfully inviting all the relatives of the groom to the wedding venue and tying kankanam to the wrists of the bride and groom, washing the lotus feet of groom and offering a mixture of honey and yoghurt to the groom along with new clothes to both the bride and the groom

#3. Maha Sankalpam

Expressing the intention of performing kalyanotsavam for the benefit of one and all

#4. Kanya Danam

Offering the bride to the groom

#5. Yagnopaveetha Dharanam and Mangala Aashtakam Sumuhurtham

Offering the sacred thread to the groom and special prayers are chanted to wish the divine couple happiness, prosperity, and a peaceful marriage

#6. Mala Samarpanam

Exchanging garlands on behalf of bride and groom while elevating the divine bliss of devotees with live music and dance

#7. Mangalya Pooja and Mangalya Dharanam

Performing Puja to mangala sutram while chanting Sri Suktam and offering the mangala sutram to the bride on behalf of the groom

#8. Akshtha Aaropanam

Showering of “akshathas” on bride on behalf of groom and vice versa

#9. Varanam Aayiram

A game of rolling coconuts on a piece of cloth, on behalf of bride and groom while chanting verses from Goda Devi’s Nachiyar Thirumozhi

#10. Visesha Aradhana, Mangalasasanam and Sattumurai

Archana/puja to the bride and groom, performing harathi, offering “vinjamara” seva (fan service) while chanting the 29th and 30th pasurams of Tiruppavai

#11. Mahad Aseervachanam

Blessings for all round prosperity for one and all

#12. Theertha Goshti

Distribution of Theertham

#13. Maha Prasadam

Distribution of Prasadam/Satvik Aahar