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Samasrayanam (Pancha Samskaras)


What is Samasrayanam?


Samasrayanam, also known as "Mantra Initiation" or "Pancha Samskaras" is taken out of faith in the Sasthras and in the lineage of our acharyas. The process burns the sins and makes the soul pure. After Samasrayanam it is up to us how we upkeep our soul.


How long will the process take?


Samasrayanam is usually done in the morning and the whole process will last for about 2 hours after which you can take prasadam. Until the process is completed you cannot eat or drink anything that day.


What are the preconditions for getting Samasrayanam?


On the previous night one should have light vegetarian-only snack. The following day one should take a head bath and not eat or drink anything until process is completed. One should wear traditional clothes and come to the venue for the process. Men should wear dhoti and khandawa. Women should wear a saree. Kids can wear any traditional dress. Women should not be in their menstrual cycles. 


What diet should I follow after Samasrayanam?


Based upon the love and concern we have on God we should follow strict diet restrictions. Just as how the quality of the soil is based on the food (through plants) it provides, so does the ability of our body depend on the type of food given to it. To grow Satvik qualities, Satvik food is essential. If one does not follow it then it means he/she is not interested in Satvik qualities and thus he/she need not consider themselves a devotee at all. Our actions speak accurately about our thoughts than our words and feelings. Hence diet also plays an important role in being a real Vaishnava.


Should I do puja daily?


Doing puja alone may not prove you to be a Vaishnava. Doing puja is an act that happens automatically which makes every activity as puja to Lord. Our mission at Jeeyar Educational Trust is "Serve all beings as Service to God." Thus doing puja with all your heart is essential else it does not make any sense.


What is the most important characteristic of a true Vaishnavite?


A true Vaishnavite is one whose heart bleeds for others and feels the relation with God in all respects.


I'm ready to get initiated, what do I need to do?

When HH Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji visits Bay Area, we will call for Samasrayanam registrations. Join our broadcasting WhatsApp group to stay informed of such events.


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