Sriman Vikas Swami

Sriman Vikas Acharya Vangipuram is a scholar in Yajurveda from JIVA (Jeeyar Integrated Vedic Academy), Hyderabad, Telangana. He has been preaching Yajurvedam for the past 20 years and is specialized in Pancharatra Agama, Smartha, Vastu, Jyotishyam. He has performed several Homams, Yagnas, Yagas, Upanayanams, Kalyanas, Brahmostavas etc. He has visited USA and UK 8 times for Vedic seminars and Yagnas. He has also given a discourse in British Parliament.

We are blessed to have Sriman Vikas Swami as our presiding priest for JET California.

Classes offered by Sriman Vikas Swami

Currently Sriman Vikas Swami is teaching several classes over telebridge/phone. Check the schedule below and sign up for interested classes