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By the grace of our acharya HH Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji, we offer many classes – Slokas learning, pravachanams and parayanams taken from Vaishnavism and Sanatana dharma. These classes are conducted by our resident priests and teachers who have intensive training about our sampradayam. They are all well versed in these topics and offer this knowledge to devotees and interested seekers. These classes, are offered at times convenient to the students and over phone/teleconference.

Our Teachers

Sriman Venkatesan Iyengar

Sudarsana Sriman S. Venkatesan Iyengar Swami was born in 1962 at Srirangam. He is a native of Vadakarai, a town near Srivilliputtur. At a tender age of 12 years, he mastered the entire 4000 verses of Nalayira Divyaprabandham from K.S.T. Patasala of Srirangam. From 1974 to 1979, he participated in about 90 out of 108 Swadhyaya Gnana Yagnas conducted by H.H.Sri Sri Sri Tridandi Srimannarayana Ramanuja Jeeyar Swamivaru.

From 1979 to 1981 he served as Adhyapaka Swami at the world famous Sri Venkateswara Temple of T.T.Devasthanam, Tirupathi. In 1982, he joined Madras Sanskrit College and studied from Sri.U.Ve. Mahavidwan Srivatsangacharya Swamigal. In 1986 he obtained the title of Vyakarana Siromani - M.A. in Sanskrit from Madras University and in 1987 he passed Siksha Sastri (B.Ed.) from Kendriya Vidyapeeth, Tirupati. He taught Sanskrit in Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Sri Ramakrishna Mutt in Chennai and Kendriya Vidyalaya at Visakhapatnam.

Inspired by divine dreams and grace of the almighty he performed 108 Sri Sudarsana Divyaprabandha Gnana Yagnam all over India and Nepal. He performed his first yagna in 1992 at Sitanagaram Ashramam of His Holiness Sri Sri Sri Tridandi Srimannarayana Ramanuja Chinna Jeeyar Swamivaru and concluded the 108th Yagna in a very grand scale at Srirangam. Leading Acharyas of various Mutts, participated in the yagnas and showered their mangalasasanams to Sriman S.Venkatesan Iyengar Swami.

Involvement in other Social activities

In 1993, he organized “Samaya Nallinakka Thiruvizha”- A festival of communal harmony with 1000 participants of different religions with Scouts and Guides at Port Blair in Andaman Island.

In 1994, he organized “Sri Venkatesa Vijaya Sadbhavana Yatra” taking Sri Sudarsana Jyothi from Tirumala to Muktinath the highly revered Srivaishnava Kshetram in Nepal.

In 1995 he performed Sri Ramanuja Vigraha Pratishtta at Salagramam.

He served as General Secretary of Vikasa Tarangini a social service organization of His Holiness Sri Sri Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamivaru and organized massive events like Bheeshma Ekadasi Celebration at Bangalore, Mangala Tarangini at Hyderabad and SriMahavishnu Yagam at Mumbai in a very grand manner.

Present activities

He is the founder of Sri Sudarsana Seva Samithi, a registered non-profit tax exempted Institution. He is working to establish spiritual centers at Bangalore, Srirangam, Tirupaty, Vadakarai near Srivilliputtur, Melkote and Puri Jagannath to provide basic services to the visiting pilgrims.

He has been publishing “Sri Sudarsana Vaijayanthi” a spiritual magazine with articles by eminent scholars in Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Hindi and English.

He plans to conduct 1008 Sri Sudarsana Homams. He has completed 280 homams as on date, towards that goal.

He is committed to construct Sri Ramanuja Temple with 10 rooms at Muktinath in Nepal at the estimated cost of INR 20 Lakhs with the help of devotees.

Through Divyaprabandha parishad, he is working on propagating Divyaprabandham of Alwars by conducting Divyaprabandhotsavam and discourses. He has established Divyaprabandha School at Vadakarai village to train 108 students as Nalayira Adhayapaka Swamis.

It is incredible to note that a single person has achieved all of the above at such a young age leading a humble life with high ambitions.


Sriman Venkatesan Iyengar Swami will be teaching the following classes to interested devotees

Sri Vishnu Sahasranamam


Send email to info@jetcalifornia.org for further details on how to enroll for these classes.