An introduction to Bhagavad Sri Ra:ma:nujacha:rya

When humanity strays away from its designated path and the world is in an abyss, great souls incarnate on Earth. These souls rekindle the peoples’ latent light of knowledge. They steer humanity back onto the right path as per the time and conditions.

Around a thousand years ago, Lord Srimannarayana was worried about the souls that were entangled in this mundane world and were not able to reach Vaikunttham. He took different incarnations at different times, but that did not help. After due consideration, the Lord ordered A:di Se:sha to take birth on Earth as Bhagavad Ra:ma:nuja, and show humanity the path to attain Vaikunttham. The Lord made a promise that whoever gets initiated by Ra:ma:nuja, and has faith in the Ashtakshari Maha:mantra, will surely be allowed into Vaikuntam.

In the year 1017, Ramanujacharya appeared as a Sun in this world to make the lotus of virtue and righteousness blossom and to dispel the darkness of sin.

On one side, Ramanuja undertook the monumental work of decoding the most esoteric Vedantic literature, in the form of Upanishads, Bhagavad Gita and Brahma Sutras and became “Bhashya Kara” and on the other hand, lived the very principles, inspiring, transforming and delivering millions of souls across India and became “Yahti Raja”. As Laxmana served Rama without ever taking rest, Ramanuja with his great compassion on humanity, tirelessly travelled, spreading the divine message of Vishishtadwaitha and the Love of Srimannarayana.

Ramanuja preached that Bhakthi has the potency to evoke the divine love, inculcate the human values, there by all these bodily designations of caste, creed, color, nationality will not be obstacles to take darshan of Lord. He is the only Acharya in the history ever, who fearlessly pushed aside all the so called religious and caste barriers in the society and allowed every human to take darshan of Lord in temples and serve Him. He is the only Acharya, who delivered animals, humans and became guru to even God himself. Ramanuja, thus is known as “Jagad Guru”. Not only to humans, but He preached divine essence of the Ashtakshari Mantra to deities in famous temples like Sri Rangam, Tirumala, Kuranga Nagari and Ramanuja became “Acharya” in the ultimate sense of the term.

The Vishitadwaitha or SriVaishnava philosophy is supposed to have 2 mothers. While Nammalwar or Shatako:pa was the birth giving mother, Ramanuja was the caretaking mother. Like when a lion roars in the forest, all other mean creatures fall silent and flee in four directions, despite so many opposing forces, misleading interpretations by so called great scholars of that time, and misdoctrining institutions rooted in the mindset of people for centuries before, Ramanuja, single handedly uprooted all of them,  and established on a firm footage the original nature of Brahman, Chit and Achit and how the later two are subservient to the Supreme Person, Srimannarayana. Ramanuja thus became known as “Yathi Raja”. He acquired knowledge from his 5 gurus.

Sarva Desa Dasa Kaleshu Avyahata Parakrama |
Ramanuja Arya Divyajna Vardhatam Abhivardhatam ||

me:sha:rdra:sambhavam  vishno:h  darsana  stha:pano:tsukam |
tundi:ra  mandale:  se:shamu:rtim  ra:ma:nujam  bhaje: ||

kalyabde:  divyakumbhe:  budhajanavidite:  vatsare:  pingala:khe:
chaitre:  ma:se:  gate:  cha  triyutadasadine:  di:pyama:ne:  hima:msau |
panchamya:rdra:same:te:  suragurudivase:  karkata:khye:  cha  lagne:
sri:madra:ma:nuja:ryaha  samajani  nigama:nta:rtha  samrakshana:rtham ||

Nitya Taniyan:
yo:  nityamachyuta  pada:mbuja  yugmarukma
vya:mohata  staditara:ni  truna:ya  me:ne:  |
asmadguro:rbhagavato:sya  dayaika  sindho:h
ra:ma:nujasya  charanau  saranam  prapadye:  ||