The Statue of Equality

Almost a 1000 years ago in a world where exclusivity and secrecy to the mantra prevailed, he is the first acharya to say that he would accept going to hell if everybody would get liberated from bondage of karma. He tirelessly worked for 120 years proving that Lord Sriman Narayana is the Ultimate redeemer from all karmic bondage to all the souls

As a celebration of this saints life, and as a mark of gratitude HH Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami is constructing a statue of Bhagawad Ra:ma:nujacha:rya.  This Statue aptly named “The Statue of Equality” is to mark the 1000th Birth Anniversary of Ra:ma:nujacha:rya. It is going to stand 216ft tall in Sri Rampuram, as a beacon of enlightenment & hope

Click to see the Bird's Eye view of The Statue of Equality

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Gurum Praka:saye:th Dhi:man!

'A wise should glorify his guru', is the fiat from Vedic Scriptures. The Lord himself followed this celebrated Vedic decree by glorifying His Guru Acharya Ramanuja. This speaks volumes about Sri Ramanujacharya Swamy

Thus it becomes the minimum duty of every devotee to celebrate the millennium year of Ramanujacharya Swamy's avathara, fast approaching during 2016-17

Shall we do the best as a token of our gratitude? If yes...

Then, come on! Here is a chance for us

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