Books and Magazines

With HH Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji's blessings, JET USA released Bhakthi Nivedana, a spiritual magazine in print form in English starting April 2016. You can subscribe to the magazine and we request you to encourage others to subscribe too. The print edition serves as a great alternative to reduce screen time and encourage reading amongst the young children. We encourage all the parents of Prajna students to subscribe the magazine in their children's name to spread awareness amongst the young and get them excited to read the spiritual content.

Highlights of the magazine  
Kids/ youth section with attractive art work
Prajna column featuring articles from students across various centers
Lessons they can apply from our scriptures and teachings of our Acharyas
Ramanuja Sahasrabdi updates
Ra:ga:njali updates

Subscription is $50.00 per year for a total of 12 issues (one per month)